Saturday, August 15, 2015

classroom {year 17}.

I am always a last minute girl when it comes to getting my classroom ready. It's just how I roll. 
I do some of my best work at the last minute. (Seriously stressed this staff out when I first came here!) 
This year was probably my worst, though, as far as motivation to work up at school. I just didn't have the desire to go. And I wasn't stressed about it. I knew it would come together and happen. I just wasn't in a hurry to MAKE it happen. 

{So apparently school starts in 9 days...}

Super Readers/Superhero theme at school this year. So. Much. Fun. (Although I pretty much keep the theme contained to the hallway. I don't really change my classroom up much from year to year. It's just easier. And cheaper. And less work. All good things, in my opinion.)

{Writing little names... over, and over, and over...}

{Back to school shopping for 1st grade. Water bottles for them... ibuprofen and chocolate for me.} 

I posted on FB that this may have been my least stressful year of getting ready. And that I had no idea why. I thought maybe year 17 was my magic number. I've finally got this thing figured out. A friend pointed out that in the 3 years I've been here, this is the first year I haven't had to move into a new house or move everything out of my classroom. And I realized... she was exactly right!

Year 1: We moved a house a 13 years worth of classroom a month before school started.
Year 2: We moved to the farm 4 days before school started.
Year 3: I had to empty my entire classroom for new paint and carpet.
Year 4: No major life changes! Yahoo! =)

I would really be okay with this "less stressful" thing continuing throughout the entire year.
Fingers crossed! =)

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