Saturday, August 8, 2015

june random.

{Some of us are more farmery than others. #farmlife #cuteboots}

{Yellow makes me HAPPY! #ilovecolor}

{Such a HAPPY door! #ilovecolor}

{Sidewalk chalk in the sunshine #summer2015}

{Organized cats.}

{Sometimes I say yes. Just because. #summer2015 #funpolice}

I took the kids to our local drugstore/soda shoppe. (I used to ride my bike here with friends growing up!) Fizzies, shakes and green rivers!

{Family fun (except for the dead fish) #spillway #fisharecreepy

{Finding fun in all the puddles! #somuchrain #summer2015}

{Surprise, kids! Your very own swimming pool! #farmlife #summer2015}

{Already worth it.}

{Can't imagine a better daddy for these little people of mine. #fathersday}

 {Best dad around. So lucky he's mine. #fathersday}

{Church camp for 4 days. So happy these two are still making memories together!}

{So happy these two are still making memories together, too!}

Daddy's little farm girl. 

{It's a floor picnic! I love how this little miss entertains herself. #shemakesmesmile}

{He came home from camp dirty, sweaty, sunburned, full of stories and ready to swim. This little sister is pretty happy to have her buddy back home. #bigsiswaslessthrilled}

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