Thursday, August 6, 2015


It was another fun and happy baseball season for our family this summer.
Lawson playing... Corey helping coach...

The girls not paying lots of attention, usually. =)

We just did regular season play. Games on Tuesday and Friday evenings. No traveling all around to tournaments every weekend. (I don't think I would love that.)

We did play in one weekend tournament, though. It was a coach pitch tourney for 10 and under. So the coach that organized it pulled 3-4 players from each of our 3 league teams. The boys had never played together, except for this one day. It ended up being so much fun and they did great!

It was an early morning and a long, HOT day for these dads/coaches...

And the players...

{Sweating it up with some of my favorite baseball moms today!}

 {Sweaty, but still smiling! Love this village of mine!}

I loved the identical poses in the dugout...

They ended up getting 3rd place. (Which probably should have been 2nd. We lost to the 1st place team by 1 point in a crazy close game!)

This memory just makes me laugh. The coach gathered all the boys off to the side after their last game and said, "Gimme a knee." Over half of them hollered out, "E!" Which was especially funny since our team/mascot doesn't even have an E in it. =)

He was worn. out. on the way home...

Lawson ended up getting to pitch quite a bit this year. And watching him pitch ended up being one of my favorite things.

I loved how whenever the coach would call a time out to talk to the pitcher, the whole infield would gather around for support.

{3 of my favorite ball players.} 
 Love these boys. And their mommas. And the friendships that Lawson has made with boys from other schools in our district. (They'll all come together for middle school in 6th grade.)

The end of season/league tournament was over the weekend at the beginning of July. There was a heat index of 108* this day. So. crazy. HOT. The boys played so good and so hard, but they were just worn out by the end. 

Another favorite of mine... Collin (catcher) would sometimes walk the ball back out to the pitcher instead of throwing it... just to offer a pat on the back and a word of encouragement. I loved those moments.

3rd place in the County League Tournament. The 3 teams from our district took 1st, 2nd and 3rd! =)

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