Sunday, August 9, 2015

july random.

{My life has felt hectic and crazy and overwhelming lately. So last night I did this. And now look at my organized little snack shelf makes me feel a little better. #happyorganization #sometimesitsthelittlethings}

{Just made a Barbie swimsuit out of a scrap of material and Scotch tape. #momskills #goodthingshesnotpicky}

{Summer storm}

{After supper stroll with this guy. Farmer style. #farmlife #oneononetime}

{At least it's not something electronic... #messyhousehappykids}

{It's not even plugged in. =) #shemakesmesmile #yesshesinherpajamas}


{Yep... That's "Leave it to Beaver" on our TV right now. Maybe I'll wear a cardigan, pearls and high heels when I clean the house today. Just for fun. #ornot #imnojunecleaver} 

{Daily chores are more fun in a cheerleading outfit.}

{It's laundry day for Gretchen's baby. #shemakesmesmile}

{Literally every. single. day. I think there is a giant snake outside my kitchen window. (It's a hose.) #farmlife #ihatesnakes}

{"Inside Out" at the fancy movie theater and popcorn for supper earned me a "Best mom ever!" Which was nice, because that's definitely not what they thought of me this afternoon. #funpolice}

{This kiddo is on his way to the airport to get on his first real airplane! and I can't wait to hear all about it! #cousintime #thanksmom}

{Our weather radio just went off (which always gives me a small heart attack) and said we are currently under Tornado Watch #428. I never knew they were numbered. #kansaslife #notornadosirensinthecountry}

{Sophie found bamboo blinds from our old house and is trying to convince me to hang them somewhere along this wall, because "there's too much light." Me: "That's kind of the point." Sophie: "Why can't we just live in a normal house?!" Me: "What's a normal house?" Sophie: "Classic. Not all these bright colors and light." #howisshemychild #ilovecolor}

{I sometimes feel bad when the kids ask "What are we doing today, Mom?" Um... nothing. We're staying home. (I'm a definite homebody!) But then things like this happen and I'm grateful for the time at home... doing nothing. #farmlife #summer2015}

{While his sisters are getting ready to go swim in the stock tank... Lawson is at Galveston Beach. #cousintime #summer2015}

{Grandpa time}

{Date night on the deck #oneononetime #ichooseus}

Addressing invitations to our 20 year high school reunion! (How are we that old?!) Wine, kittens, grasshoppers and coyotes. Good times with great friends. =) 

{Enjoying the view during #oneononetime tonight. ;) Laying a brick patio in 100* temps isn't my favorite. #ireallywashelping}

Vacation Bible School...

City swim party... 

{I love moments like this.}

 {Good morning, big grumpy bull. Not real happy to see you. #farmlife #thistimeihelped}


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Hard to believe the summer is almost over... Loved all the windows and natural light in your beautiful house.

Anonymous said...

galveston looks beautiful: )