Saturday, August 15, 2015

first day of school.

Photobomb by Oliver. =)

{This may be my favorite back to school outfit ever. It's impossible to have a bad day when you're wearing a red sparkly tutu! #backtoschool #funneststaffever}

And the sparkles traveled. By the end of the day, even my shoes were sparkly! =) 

Last year, parents comment how easy it was to spot staff members when we were all wearing our BRIGHT tie-dye shirts on the first day of school. We knew superhero shirts wouldn't make us stand out that much. Pretty sure the tutus did the trick, though. =) The kids (and parents!) loved it!

This little girl did super great for her first day! (I'll admit, I was a little nervous!) She talked to people, (not a lot, but she talked!) she played with friends and she winked at me every time she saw me in the hall. =)

This is my crew. Such a tiny little line! (But I'm not really complaining!) See that one girl? Yep. It's me and her.

So blessed to get to work with such an amazing group of people! Looking forward to a year full of FUN! =)

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