Sunday, July 7, 2013

teacher books.

Important: This little project is a surprise for my kids! If you know my children... please don't mention this to them! 

Do you come here for ideas?
I'm sorry if you do.
I have lots of ideas, but I'm really bad at posting them in a timely fashion.
So here's a cute school idea... after school is out. You're welcome. =)

I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple years ago. There are so many cute ideas out there and so many things that I wish I would have started with the kids when they were younger. Sophie was already in 3rd grade when I saw this idea, but I knew we could still catch up.

The original idea said to use the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go." You sneak it to teachers and other adults throughout your child's school years, they write little notes to your child and then you give it to them when they graduate. I love Dr. Seuss and I love that book, but I didn't want to use it. I'm not really sure why. I just wanted to be different. I found this book at Target and it was just too sweet.

I decided to save a spot in the front for a "someday" note from Corey and I. It's just an envelope glued to the inside. Sophie has notes from her K, 1st and 3rd (same teacher), 2nd, 4th and Jessi, our daycare provider for years.

I love how with both kids... some of the notes talk about God's plan for their lives.

They all make me smile. =)

A few pages from the book...

Gretchen was only 2 when I bought these books, but when I saw this one by the same author, I knew I had to get it for her. It makes me a little teary each time I read it.

She only has one note right now...

I really love this idea and am so excited to see these books as the years go on.

Remember... don't mention this to my children! It's a surprise! =)


Danielle H. said...

Ok, Amy, this is fantastic!! And my daughter is only goin into 2nd grade & she's going to have her 1st grade teacher again! I'm friends w/her Kinder teacher so I will ask her to write something, too. LOVE this idea - thanks for sharing. Btw both books had me teary!!

Melissa Jensen said...

I was going to do this too!! I love all your ideas though!! You are so awesome!! I wish you could have been my teacher as a young child. They need more teachers like you. I absolutely HATED my 3rd grade teacher at Sunset:( But once I got Mrs. Bogner I was set!! She was way beyond fantastic!! I am going to check out those books now:) They seemed so fun!!