Tuesday, July 30, 2013

buy, sell, trade.

I'm part of a local Buy, Sell, Trade group on Facebook. I joined it because we had a few things that didn't sell at our garage sale that I wanted to find a new home for. Instead... I've ended up bringing home a few new things. (Although I did just sell a big area rug tonight!) =)

On both of my trips to IKEA recently I saw this cute little cart. Gina and my mom both pointed it out to me and thought it would be perfect in my house somewhere. I agreed, but wasn't willing to pay $50 for it.

But $5 for this little beauty? I was more than happy to bring this home! (I might have even snagged it 1 minute before my sweet friend, Meagan commented that she wanted it!) I don't for sure where it's going to live at the farmhouse, but it was too perfect to pass up.

Funny enough, it was the same lady selling this fuzzy purple chair. And even funnier, Meagan commented on this one about a minute before me! She decided that the purple looked more like Sophie than Maren and let us have it. Sophie paid for this with her own money and is thrilled with it. It's just like she was imagining for her new room. 

This was a happy find, too. We have two canister vacuums, but the floor beater/head part doesn't work on either one of them. We don't have much carpet in our house, but our area rugs were getting pretty desperate for a good vacuuming. So this $25 vacuum that worked (but wasn't "a fabulous vacuum," according to the owner, was worth a shot.)
Yep. That's a DYSON. The animal kind. The kind that sell for at least $500 new. 

I cleaned and untangled and rinsed and cleaned and scrubbed and pulled out all kinds of hair and yuck. 
It wasn't my favorite thing. But... once all that yuck was out of the way, the suction on this thing is awesome.
All the attachments were included (never used) and I'm thinking I scored a pretty fabulous deal. 
And... my rugs are all really clean right now. =) 

My last great deal was these 4 wooden barstools. $65 for the set. 

We had actually said that buying barstools for the kitchen island was an expense we were going to wait on. We knew it wasn't something that we had to have right away and told ourselves that we were going to be okay with waiting awhile. But then we saw this deal and I knew that we wouldn't be able to beat that price anytime soon.

Plus... a few cans of spray paint had them looking simply fabulous in no time at all. =)

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