Thursday, July 11, 2013

15 years.

I sure do love this guy. An awful lot. 

Years ago we talked about how we would take a fun trip for our 15th anniversary. Corey's sister and brother-in-law celebrated their 10th this year and we were going to go somewhere together. Somewhere with a beach and warm sun (not 105* sun) and people who bring you yummy drinks.

Instead, we took a fun trip to Manhattan. =)
We chose carpet, bought appliances and went to Home Depot.
So romantic.

We did manage to squeeze in a yummy dinner at Old Chicago.
This was mine...
Basically pasta and 6 different kinds of cheese. I'm so healthy. (But it was so good!)

No big fun trip this year... no relaxing on the beach... no sweet gifts for each other (unless a dishwasher, stove or micro hood counts as a sweet gift...) But we will be getting a pretty awesome gift in about one month. Can. not. wait. (Except for the whole packing up our entire house and loading/unloading it off a truck part. That's not my favorite.)

But this guy is my favorite...

Maybe 16 will be our lucky year.
No packing up our entire lives and moving to a new town or building a new house and making 827,000 decisions.
Let's relax on year 16, okay babe?

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The Ekeland Family said...

I'm pretty sure you guys picked an amazing date to get married!!! (It's my birthday :-))