Wednesday, July 17, 2013

more baseball.

Lawson's baseball season ended a couple weeks ago. 

Honestly, we weren't too sad to see the season come to an end.

He had fun and we enjoyed watching him, but it just made for some crazy evenings. Especially with Corey helping coach. We were all just ready for a break.

A little surprise when we left the ball field one night...

This little miss made it to almost all his games. She missed most of the 100* game in the blazing sun after she got overheated and threw up in the 2nd inning. That was a fun one. (Thank goodness Grandma was willing to take her home and let her cool off!)

She did make it through his first 8:15 game that ended at 11:00 pm. We opted to leave her (and Sophie) with Grandma for his last 8:15 game. Especially since it was a 40 minute drive from home. That was probably my most relaxing game. =) (Minus the stressful baseball-mom moments.. a full count is the worst!)

We were all a little bummed that Lawson ended the season without ever getting a hit. In a game, anyway. 

He got on base several times... usually by getting walked.

But this happened once... (he had those lace marks for over a week! It was a hard pitch!)

See any similarities between the runner on first and the first base coach? =) Makes me smile.

We were really grateful for this guy and his calm, positive coaching. There were only a couple times we saw him start to get stressed. =) 

He had fun and learned a lot. A little experience and some confidence will make a big difference next year, I think.
I made some new friends and got a cute sports mom t-shirt.
Already looking forward to next year.

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