Friday, July 26, 2013

swimming lessons.

We've been really spoiled by our private swim lesson teachers the past few years. We were thrilled to find a college girl from church that would give lessons, plus an awesome friend who let us use her backyard pool. (We might all be coveting her backyard. It is, in Sophie's words, ah-mazing!) 

I loved how the shallowest part was a completely different color. It was so easy to tell Gretchen where she could be and so easy for her to understand. She loved the bubbly fountain in the middle. 

She'll probably do lessons next year, this year she just watched and played...

One of our kids is a natural swimmer and different strokes come easily. The other one won't be drowning anytime soon, but isn't quite as "pretty" to watch. I'll see if you can figure it out... 

Back off, ladies. He's taken. =)   (He did get a haircut not too long after this...)

Thank you, Dynae, for the awesome lessons and Kendra, for your awesome pool!
You both rock!

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