Wednesday, May 29, 2013

tin can treats.

These are still my favorite little gifts to give. So sweet and simple and so easy to modify for whoever it is you are giving the gift to! We've done them the last two years for teachers (and daycare) on the last day of school. 

Just open your tin cans FROM THE BOTTOM, wash and refill with whatever goodies you want. I usually buy the small fruit cans, but this year I had a couple teachers with candy bars as their favorites, so I bought two regular size cans of pineapple. The little snack size candybars fit in the cans perfectly! 

I always leave a little bit of space and stick a bit of tissue paper in the can before I close it up. (Just to catch any hot glue drips.) Close it back up and then hot glue the lid back on. It looks a bit messy, but most people won't even look. (Until they get curious and start trying to figure out HOW you did this!)

Cover the cans with cute paper, add a happy note and some fun ribbons to the pull tab...

Sweet and easy and it's sure to bring a smile to someone's face. =)
So glad I found the idea a few years ago!


sundancesally said...

I love my tin can gift! I even have a few butterfingers left.

Melissa said...

I have used this idea several times too, although never thought to do bigger cans w/ mini candybars- great idea!!! said...

That is just so neat! Thanks for the idea!