Saturday, May 18, 2013

mother's day gifts.

The last couple years we've made these for Mother's Day gifts. Just happy little gifts with sweet little notes. 

I tried to do this again this year, but our grass didn't grow. They were pitiful looking little things. I had to come up with a plan B super quick.

Once again... Pinterest to the rescue! I think these were my favorite Mother's Day gifts ever! They were inexpensive, simple and they turned out super cute! (and we had just finished a ladybug unit... perfect timing!)

I bought 13 cent ceramic tiles at Home Depot and a can of spray sealer. The rest was just red and green craft paint (fingerprints for the ladybugs and a small paintbrush for the grass) and a black Sharpie. So easy. I wrote Lovebug for all the boys and let the girls choose between Lovebug and Little Lady.

I also made a couple for my mom and Corey's mom. I didn't do it for my student ones, but on the others (and the ones for Miss Amy) I hot glued a piece of felt to the bottom. Since they're spayed with the sealer, I think they could use them as coasters. (but I'm not 100% on that...)

We will definitely be making these in 1st grade again next year!

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Toni :O) said...

Very very cute idea Amy! If my child made that for me I'd be thrilled!