Thursday, May 23, 2013

so much mess.

A horribly messy house is what greeted me my first morning of summer vacation. Yipee! 
Poor house had been neglected for quite some time, so I spent the first couple days trying to get rid of some of this... 

Two Rubbermaid tubs in the middle of the dining room. We were searching for Sophie's swimsuit for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade "Water Day." 

My lovely dining room table. (Corey made that little breakfast in bed tray when he was in college and gave it to my mom as a gift. He borrowed it for Mother's Day breakfast in bed. It was sitting by the front door, waiting to be returned to Mom and Dad's, when Gretchen decided to try and sit on it. =( So we're needing to find some wood glue before it can be returned. Sorry, Mom.)

Coffee table... (That little flowered binder is my Farmhouse notebook. Full of every little bit of info we might need and every little thing we need to keep track of.)

Bench in the foyer... (see that pink bag on the floor? One of my students gave me an 8-pack of Dr. Pepper on the last day of school. =) He got a big hug.)

The craft room table = HUGE disaster.

This week has been full of spending time up at school (trying to do as much cleaning/organizing as I can now, to hopefully avoid some of the stress in August. I'm thinking the house could be ready right about the time school is starting.)... lots of cleaning/organizing/throwing stuff away at home... meetings at the house with different people (cabinet guy, electricians (who also called me "easy")... lots of appointments and random things trying to be accomplished. It's been a busy week.

Today really feels like Friday.

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