Friday, May 17, 2013

last day.

Today was my last day with these crazy little people... (plus one more crazy who left early and didn't get in the picture)

They've been so fun. A perfect little class for my first year at a new school. 

We've had all kinds of fun the last few days. I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course), but can't find an original source. (Here's the pin:

I bought my students all a beach ball (96 cents at Wal-Mart, I think), wrote "We've had a BALL in 1st grade" on them and then had the kids all sign them. They loved it. We even managed a bit of crazy time with them afterwards. They had so much fun. 

I also used this same idea from last year...

(Swedish fish)

And we made these for my sweet para, Miss Amy. She's leaving us next year. So sad.
(Just realized I never posted our Mother's Day gifts! They were super cute! Lots of catching up to do!)

I have loved this group of first graders. 
They were so much fun and so sweet. 
But I am so ready for summer. =) 

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Ben said...

We still have 13 days...I'm so happy for you though! Enjoy your summer. :)