Friday, May 3, 2013

more farmhouse.

The last few trips out to the house have been my favorite so far. They have the main floor all framed out, so you can actually walk around and see where rooms are, how big everything is and imagine furniture. So far I'm loving it all! Whew. 

The great room (living room, I guess.) and kitchen/breakfast nook are at the back of the house, behind the craft room and dining room. 

This is going to be one of my favorite things about the house, I think. The opening on the right is a big bay window in the breakfast nook. We're planning to have a little bench built in to the window and scoot a table up to it. The opening to the left is going to be a 9 foot section of doors. (Actually only 1 door, the first 3 foot section, closest to the bay window.) They will look like french doors, but the only door will be a sliding door. (Cheaper, and less worry about furniture placement, since the door will slide instead of swinging open.) So basically, this whole wall is going to be windows. I really like windows. =)

Living room (fireplace in the corner), stairs to the left and our bedroom straight ahead. I was standing in the breakfast nook when I took this picture.

Still standing in the breakfast nook, looking at the kitchen and into the dining room.

There is also a mini office area and a full bathroom off the mudroom. Then the mudroom connects to the garage and there is another door that goes out to the deck.

Dining room window, kitchen on the left...

Kids are all in the basement, along with a big family room, full bathroom, a utility room and a big storage/storm shelter room. Most of that is framed out, too, but is harder to get pictures of since it's darker down there.

We met with the plumber and our builder earlier this week. They both called me "easy" at one point and I took it as a compliment. =) We'll see if the cabinet guy feels the same way next week. =)


amy said...

so excited for you amy!!! :) it is going to be so beautiful!!!

flower power momma said...

it's even fun for me to see the progress and rejoice with/for you all.
sure seems to be happening quickly..

Unknown said...

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