Wednesday, January 26, 2011

be the choice.

I was reading this book to Gretchie today... "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado.

Long, long ago God made a decision -- 
a very important decision... 
one that I'm really glad He made. 
He made the decision to make you.

The same hands that made the stars made you
The same hands that made the canyons made you
The same hands that made the trees and the moon and the sun made you
That's why you are so special. God made you. 

He made you in a very special way. 
He made your eyes so they would twinkle. 
He made your mouth so you could giggle. 
God made you like no one else. 

If you looked all over the world -- in every house -- 
there would be no one else like you... 
no one with your eyes, 
no one with your mouth, 
no one with your laugh. 
You are very, very special. 

And since you are so special, God wanted to put you in just the right home... 
where you would be warm when it's cold, 
where you'd be safe when you're afraid, 
where you'd have fun and learn about heaven. 
After lots of looking, God sent you to me. 
And I'm so glad He did. 

It's such a sweet book.
The first time I saw you...
Your first night with me...
You're bigger now...
Things about God and heaven and how much I love you...
Just in case you ever wonder.

Such a sweet, sweet book.
And it made me think of
Jill and Adam are adopting.
They are adopting from a place called Life Choices in Tennessee.
You can read more about their decision and Life Choices at
Jill's blog.

"Adam and I have been convicted.
If we truly say that we abhor abortion,
then we MUST be willing to give women another option.
If we truly say that we believe in the sanctity of life,
then we MUST be willing to open our hearts, home & family to that life.
If we truly believe that babies have a right to life,
then we MUST provide a life for them."

I love that. 
Jill is very wise. 
She is an amazing wife and mom to her two little girls. 
I know she will be an amazing mom to a little baby born someday down in Tennessee. 

"So how can we value life in a world of choice?
By offering a tangible choice of life to women.
By being the choice of life for her and her unborn child."

They had these t-shirts created...  Life: Be the Choice 

Visit Jill's blog TODAY and leave a comment for a chance to win a free t-shirt!
And while you're at their blog, would you say a little prayer for them... for their family... for a mom and baby down in Tennessee? A mom who is making a brave choice... the choice of life. Life for her baby. Even if it means a life without her. A life with a loving, caring family. A family that will sing and read and pray for this baby. A family that will tell this baby all about God and heaven and just how much they are loved. Just in case they ever wonder. 


Kendall Smith said...

I LOVE that book...but it makes me cry almost every time I read it!!!

Rachel said...

what a precious book. I love the shirts they made. And I'm so glad they have different diapers now! Thanks for telling me! We just bought a huge box, so I guess we'll have to wait a while before he can be manly again!

Melissa said...

We need this book! Actually I always get the kids a little gift when the baby is born, I may get that for Kate- she loves books. I posted on FB needing advice and I was thinking of you when I - any creative sayings for a wall where I am making a display for the kids' art?

Melissa said...

Don't be jealous of my craft closet- you have a loft I am very jealous of:) We recently just rearranged all my storage and cleaned out the closet under the stairs and Jerry designated it as my craft closet. I was hoping for a craft room at some point, but for now will be happy for a craft closet! I am still trying to organize everything like I want it and so that its easily accessible. I am tired of "little hands" getting into my craft supplies so this is hopefully going to help.