Monday, January 17, 2011


Another easy gift idea... (Thank you, again, eighteen25!) 

Although if you do leave this little gift for someone... maybe someone who cleans your house every couple weeks... and maybe you are thankful, just because they help make your life a little easier... and so you leave a little note saying, "You deserve more than chocolate!"

If you do leave them a little note like that, you should make sure to actually pay them that day.
Otherwise it makes you look kind of stupid.


TheUnSoccerMom said...

Such a cute idea! And a great way to use up scrap fabric.

Melissa said...

I am loving this blog too! By the way- I think the once a week PJ day for your class is a fabulous idea:) Everyone would want to be in your class!

Carrie said...

Amy! I just got around to reading make me LAUGH! AND, my brain is so addled, I forget things all the time. (and I only have 2 kids, and they can mostly take care of themselves!) No sweat! :)