Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying for Britton and her family today! Danielle emailed that it was almost as if she could breathe easier, knowing all the prayers that were going to be sent up for her sweet baby!

They were all ready for surgery, had Britton under anesthesia and the surgeon determined that her mouth is too small. For some reason, they weren't able to tell this until she was put under. Something about the breathing tube and the device used to stretch her mouth. The surgeon said that even with his smallest knife, it wouldn't be safe for him to continue.

So they are headed home. Britton will have a sore mouth, so she's on a liquid only diet for 24 hours. Surgery was rescheduled in 3 months.

So the trauma has been delayed. Poor Danielle, who spent time doing 6 weeks worth of sub plans... now gets to do it again. And speaking as a teacher... 6 weeks of sub plans are not fun to prepare.

So thanks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers and support for their family today! We'll try this again in 3 months!


Courtney said...

the sub plans. ugh.

thanks for updating us!

Brittany said...

oh no!!!! 6 weeks worth of sub plans are NO FUN! One day worth of sub plans were no fun, I can't imagine!!!