Sunday, January 30, 2011


* Finally got all our 2011 Christmas pictures hung up. More and more families are doing the collage card... which takes up more room. But I got everyone to fit. :)

* I love the movie "Ramona and Beezus." Love, love, love it. 

* The red duct tape on the couch finally had to go. Slipcover is now in place. But I'm still trying to decide if I like it. I miss my red plaid. 

* Someone really wanted to help when I was trying to put the slipcover on.

* Someone may or may not have been much help.

* Gretchen had a fever for 4 days this week. She went to daycare for a day and a half. Poor thing was just mellow and snuggly and clingy. We must have read hundreds of books.

* Sophie used to wear these little slippers. I love seeing Gretchie toddle around in them. Sophie wore this little dress, too.

* The kids built this fort in the living room last weekend. They were hiding from a witch.

* I'm pretty sure I was the witch that they were hiding from. Lawson kept asking me if I could laugh really mean.

* This little miss is getting really good at feeding herself.

* It was almost 70* outside yesterday. We were outside for hours. I took 4 pictures. That's it. It's supposed to snow tomorrow and the high for Wednesday is 6*. Gotta love Kansas weather.

* If a 70 pound dog stands on your dishwasher door while trying to lick the dirty dishes, the bottom rack just might fall/get pulled out and go crashing to the floor and roll across the kitchen. You may get lucky and have none of the dishes break, but it will make a really, really loud noise. Just so you know.

*Lawson is playing with his little plastic army men. He made a bridge of Scotch tape that stretches from the tv cabinet to the coffee table and he is having them all "walk" across it.

* Now he is yelling at Sophie for walking through his bridge.

* I've been on the verge of tears off an on for about 2 weeks now. Do you ever feel that way? I'll come really close to losing it and breaking down in tears, but for some reason it's not "a good time" and I have to hold it together. But yet I feel like I would feel better if I could just break down and cry? I think it must be stress-induced.

* Corey's gone this afternoon. Gretchen is asleep. Just sent the two big kids and the dog outside to jump on the trampoline, even though it's 30* out. (The kids are jumping, not the dog. She just has to go out with them.) Today is going to be a quiet time day. Lay in bed and rest or read books. (Quiet time is usually more for Mommy than for them.) Mommy should do productive things like laundry or budget or work on sub plans. But I'm thinking maybe I will watch a movie. Maybe a sad movie that will make me cry.

* We were invited to some friend's house for supper tonight. All 5 of us. We thought they might want to rethink the invitation, but they've assured us that since they are both retired teachers, they remember what it's like to be around kids. There will be lots of lectures on the drive to their house about good manners and friendly attitudes. I have my fingers crossed.  :)


flower power momma said...

It's hard when you need to cry, and time just doesn't allow it.
Sometimes I cry in the shower. : )

Shana said...

I've been on the verge of crying for about a week.
What is that!?!?!

Jenny said...

I had to laugh about the lectures in the car. We do the same thing. :-) I thought it was just us. Ha ha!

Melissa said...

So just last weekend had to give the "manners lecture" on the way to dinner at friend's house. It included "no farting at the table" to which Hayden replies "but if you do you can't laugh loud like we do at home, right Mom?!" I never imagined I would have to include that rule in my lectures but w/ two boys ages 5 & 6- it is necessary!!!!

Courtney said...

so, did you do it? watch a sad movie and cry?? it's hard when we feel like we need to cry but don't have the time!

have FUN away!!!

Danielle said...

Love the pic of Soph and Lawson peeking out of the fort!

Maybe another viewing of Ramona and Beezus is what you need to get the tears flowing. It makes me cry every time I watch it but it is such a great movie. If you need a place for the kids or a friend to cry with, let me know:)

Christina said...

I love this post. There's so much to the day-to-day. I feel like I cry a lot, but I think it's truer to say I spend a lot of time holding the tears in. I hope you were able to let them out!
It made me chuckle to read about the fort and the witch. My kids love it when I cackle and say the lines from MacBeth "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..." I'm pretty good at it, especially when I have a cold. :)
I hope your trip is/was great!