Sunday, January 16, 2011


We're not the kind of good parents who read to our babies when they are tiny.
Pretty sad for a teacher, huh?
But we've been lucky.
All three of our kids have reached a certain point when all of a sudden, they love to be read to.
Sophie was earlier than the others, I think. And she liked long books. Actual stories. And she didn't just want to point to and talk about the pictures. She wanted you to read it.

Lawson loved playing with books for a long time. Throwing them, mainly. I remember thinking that maybe it was because he was a boy. But then one day, he was bringing us book after book. He still loves to be read to. I'm pretty sure he would sit on my lap and read for hours.

Now, someone else has reached that point. She brings us books from her little basket of board books and does her little grunt/head bob that means "pick me up and read this book to me." And then she does her little sign language sign my sister made up years ago that means "do it again." And again and again and again.

Love this picture. This little girl adores her daddy. 

This book is her favorite...

I love this little miss. 
And I love that she loves to read. 
I hope she always does. 


Holly said...

we did the same thing with our were kinda forced to do that.
it was all survival in the beginning and now, even still, they all love and devour any and all books!

(I caught Lydia trying to read Hunger Games last week ;-) oops!)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That was Camryn's favorite book too! We had a series of three of them. And I never put her photo in the back like you're supposed to.

Danielle said...

Is Cute as Can Bee a biography? Sounds like it should be(e). :)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

We love books too! I hope they don't replace those precious books with a kindle for kids.

Toni :O) said...

Soooo many great photos...I am a momma that read to her kiddos in the womb...then when they were days old. They both have a love for books...such a great gift, one of the best. I am with Debby...I hope the Kindle never replaces real books because holding a real book in my hand is one of my greatest pleasures!