Friday, January 7, 2011


This week was hard. 
Getting back into routines... getting up early... reminding all my first graders of our routines and rules in class. 
I've been exhausted. Corey's been exhausted. 
Our house was a disaster. Truly. 
I came home this evening short on patience. Which is never good. 
I started cleaning. Clean and organized always makes me feel better. 
So the house was looking better (still not great), but I was still short on patience. 

On a whim, I grabbed the gingerbread dough from the fridge. (The dough that we never got to use on Christmas Eve.) Corey and Sophie were upstairs, so Lawson and I rolled the dough out and I let him dig in our big jar of cookie cutters. We made a batch and then had Sophie come help with a batch. (Love, love, love that ready made dough!) 

I fed them a fabulous supper of string cheese and cereal and then pulled out a stash of frosting and a few jars of sprinkles and let them go to town... 

Selfishly... I knew this would be a fun and entertaining activity for them... that I wouldn't have to be involved in. Mommy needed some quiet and some down time. The quiet was totally worth the 30 minutes it took to throw the cookies together. 

Our sweet baby in her gingerbread jammies just toddled around and spent lots of time snuggling on the couch between Corey and I.

We told the kids they could each have one for dessert. I think they each ate 1/2 of one.

Gorgeous, aren't they?!


Holly said...

wowsers...those are making my stomach hurt just looking at them ;-)

patti arace said...

I totally understand the situation ;-)

Cheryl said...

I hope you can get some down time and refuel this weekend. I don't know how you do it . . . you are a great mom.

Cheryl said...
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Jenny said...

Sounds like a good mommy to me! The kids got to do something fun and you got to get in some much needed relaxing. Hope you have a great weekend!! =)

PS: I don't think it is just you. My 5 year old's teacher sent them home on Friday telling them they might get a snow day on Monday, so they may not have school on Monday. LOL! ;-)

Brittany said...

I love this idea - I'll have to try it myself:)

Ok, what is the secret to staying caught up on your blog? I feel like I am always behind. Do you "make" yourself sit down each night? Save several for later posts? Tell me the secret. My goal in 2011 is not to be behind (too bad).....(even though I already am, guess its now working!).........ha!