Sunday, January 9, 2011


Organization makes me happy. Organizing things makes me happy. 
The last two days of Christmas break, I had a bit of a panic attack. 
I had this list of all these areas I wanted to organize... and none of it had gotten done! 

(This is my new favorite notebook. All my lists, projects, ideas, more lists... it's all in here. I love it.) 

My problem was that there were so many areas I wanted to organize (and that those areas were in such bad shape) I had trouble staying focused on one area. I think I started in Lawson's closet. I ended up with a bag of things that needed to go to other areas of the house, a bag of little toys to take to school and put in my prize box, a bag of baby girls clothes to return to a friend, a bag of little boy clothes to offer to another friend, a bag of clothes to donate/sell and a big bag of toys to donate/sell. As I was putting the things from the "bag of things that needs to go to other areas of the house" where they go, I would end up starting to organize those areas as well. Which was good... and needed... but created an even bigger mess than what I already had. 

It was at about this point that I was telling Corey, "I am making progress, I promise. It just doesn't look like it." Oh my word, our house was a mess. Seriously. This is just a tiny portion. Take this little area, times 6 or 7 different rooms. That was our house. (and still is in a few places. Darn job and having to go back to work.) 

But I did accomplish quite a bit... 

This may not look very organized... but everything in this box is either dishes or food or toy kitchen related. That's what I was going for.

Luckily, a certain little girl was staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a couple days. I was able to go in her room and do some major cleaning. I filled up an entire trashbag of "treasures." All her valentines from 1st grade, at least 3 Kleenex boxes, covered in paper, decorated and stuffed with cotton... little beds and houses for various animals and people. I kept all the important things, but Sophie's a bit of a packrat. I was a little nervous, but the only thing she said when she got home was how clean her room was! (This little corner was basically filled with "stuff."

I didn't get a picture of her closet. My 50mm lens was too close up and I was too lazy to go change my lens. But I did major work in there. She has a walk in closet and we keep all the out of season/Gretchen will grow into them/special baby clothes that I'm not willing to give up/extra sheets/wrapping paper/gift bags/miscellaneous things in there. You couldn't see the floor. Now you can!

How cute is this little box?

Now full of Pet Shops! (Speaking of... remember the two that I found living in our Christmas tree? When we took the tree down we found 7 of them hiding in there.)

All this hair stuff and most days she goes to school with absolutely nothing done to it except being brushed. All these girls at school with their cute clips and barrettes and bows. We just can't do it in the mornings. Occasionally we manage a ponytail or pigtails with ribbons. But that's about it. But we've got lots of cute stuff!

Another new system. The big clipboard has a list of things to do. I decided that each day I'm going to try and cross 2 things off. They may be little things, like "order slipcover online," but it's something. Crossing things off makes me happy. The little clipboard is a list of projects for Corey to do. Unfortunately, he doesn't care about crossing things off a list. Sad for me.

The house is still a mess.
I still have lots of things on my "To Organize List" and lots more things on my Project list.
And now I have all these bags to get to people or to donate/sell.
I'm thinking that my organizing may never be done.


Courtney said... probably won't. and, by the time you finish some of those, the ones you just showed us will be a mess again..doesn't that just drive you CRAZY?!?

BUT...all your lists and things are so cute and pretty! you can be happy about that! :-)

Utecht Family said...

I'm in the middle of doing the same! I'm at the "I'm making progress, it just doesn't look like it" phase. At least I'm having fun doing it! ;)

Holly said...

ok that little slot you have for your bills makes me happy....I am totally going to have a place for my bills that involves polka dots! Love it!

Danielle said...

I love, love, love what you're doing! I wish I could be that organized. It motivates me to see all you're doing. I know I keep saying this, but I really want you to help me get started. You're amazing!

Chad and Jody said...

I've been putting Christmas away all weekend and still have a mess. Organizing can never be done. But, you're great at it, and it's a small seed you're planting in your children to learn to do. :) Now, come help me this next weekend in my house and you'll see what it's like to live unorganized!

The Boccias said...

My Sophie is such a packrat too!!!! It drives me crazy when I help her clean her room. She mostly just watches me to make sure I'm not doing anything with her stuff that she doesn't approve of! Guess I need her to go somewhere else for a couple days, too. Want her? :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE the way you organize! I am a list/crossing off the list type person too. I do the same thing, but you make it look so cute! I really like the clip boards for your and your husband and your 'bills' slot. I would love to see some pictures of your classroom... I'm graduating with my degree in education in May and would love to score a 1st grade teaching job by August. Thanks for your ideas and inspirations...