Thursday, August 5, 2010


First off, thank you to those of you who asked about my friend, Traci. I love that there are complete strangers out there that are still thinking of her and praying for her. I truly can't imagine walking the road she is traveling right now. 

It was 6 months ago that we heard the horrible news about Traci's husband, Josh. They had tried so long to have a baby, then were thrilled to find out they were expecting twins. They had a sonogram appointment one afternoon and found out that the twins were both girls! Josh left right afterwards to drive with his dad to his uncle's ranch in Texas. And then he never came home. 

Traci is doing pretty well. She's at the point where she feels like everyone else's lives have moved on, and she is stuck here alone. But she does have these beautiful distractions...

Tenley (bottom) and Brynn (top)

These sweet little girls are three months old and from what Traci says... they are FANTASTIC babies! Sleeping all night (11 hours!), napping during the day, just starting to giggle and show more personality... everything you could hope for in a new baby!

But as much as she adores these little girls, they have truly taught her the meaning of "bittersweet." She only has to look at them to be reminded of the things that they are all missing out on and all the things the girls are not going to experience without a daddy.

Both of their families are close by and have been a great support for Traci. These girls get lots of loving from both mommy and daddy's families. Traci won't be coming back to school this fall, and even though we'll miss her terribly, we're so happy for her that she'll be able to spend this time at home with her sweet girls.

I asked her if there was anything in particular that she could use prayers for. Her answer? EVERYTHING.
It really meant a lot to her that there were people out there who were thinking about her and praying for her, even though they've never met her. 

(Although she did confess that she's not sure why anyone would sit on their computer and look up random people's blogs and then continue to keep up with them. "Maybe it's a blogger thing.") Yep. It's a blogger thing. Because as strange as it sounds to some people, I totally understand how it feels to have friends around the country that I have never met, never spoken to, never even seen in person. But yet, they are still friends, and I know so much about them, their families, their lives. It's a blogger thing.  :)

Thank you for continuing to think of Traci. Thank you for praying for her and for Tenley and Brynn.


Amanda said...

this update was wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time. Love the girls' names- and their complete cuteness!

Praying for Traci!

Linda from CA said...

Thanks for the update about Traci. Her babies are beautiful.
I did'nt get to respond to your early post. But, I also found your blog thru The Macs (via adoption blogs) a while back. I am a SAHM of 3. Both of my parents/grandparents were from Missouri. As a kid we use to drive out from CA so I have fond memories of the Midwest and it truly is so much different from where I live. Also, my Mom had an Aunt Sophie and a cousin Lawson in Missouri. Kind of funny.
I enjoy seeing and reading about your kids.

Meg B. said...

thanks for the update and reminder for prayer. i am local, is anyone planning a benefit of any kind for those beautiful babies and their mom?

Holly said...

um...I pretty much wanna eat those babies ;-)
oh. my. goodness.

and Amy, seriously, if you think of ANYTHING creative we could do for her (out here in blogger land) I'm IN.

grocery cards?
how's her car situation?
other needs?

I'm IN.

The Sieberts said...

who took the pictures? so sweet.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Thanks for sharing! Makes one cry.

Toni :O) said...

Awww...what precious, precious girls and such a blessing. Thanks for the update.

Courtney said...

wow. thanks for sharing, amy! please keep us updated on her! and she's DEFINITELY in my prayers!