Saturday, August 14, 2010


When I get overtired and really stressed, I start having strange dreams or talking in my sleep.
Last night it was a dream.
I can't remember it all now, but it was very involved.
And somewhere in my dream, there was a baby crying.
Seriously listened to that crying baby for several minutes.
And then finally realized that the crying baby was actually my own.

Hoping for a productive weekend that will relieve some of the stress.
And I should probably try to get to bed a little earlier, too.
You know... since I have to start getting up about 2 hours earlier starting on Monday.

I really wish I liked coffee.


Doug and Sarah said...

Stress for me causes either insomnia or CRAZy vivid dreams! Hang in there! It will get better!

angelina said...

i'm a new mama needing sleep who also hates coffee...but an iced chai latte always does the trick!!

Chad and Jody said...

You'll have to start your can pyramid soon! How many can you pile before a custodian takes them?
We might have to call each other in the morning on Thursday- just to make sure neither one slept in!