Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sophie is so much like Corey.
Their personality... tempermant... patience level...
But I've discovered a way in which she is more like me.
The mornings.
As much as I hate to get out of bed, and as much as I would rather sleep late and not wake up to an alarm, once I actually do get out of bed, I'm fine.
Sophie is the same. I wake her up, give her a little hug, talk to her for less than a minute, and she is up, getting dressed and happy.

Lawson, on the other hand...

We've called him Lawson Bear since he was tiny. (Gretchen's a bug, he's a bear... I don't know why, they just are.)
And these last few mornings... getting up early... he has been a bit of a bear.
"I told you not to wake me up! I want to sleep! Stop rubbing my back! Get off my bed! Go away! I'm not going to kindergarten! I don't want coins in my jar!"
It's delightful.

This morning as we were driving to Jessi's, I hear from the backseat...
"If I could choose between bolleyball and school... I would choose bolleyball."

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