Thursday, December 31, 2009


This was the scene in our bedroom at 4:30 am yesterday...

I'm sitting in the recliner, half asleep, feeding a hungry baby.
I become aware of this wet sensation on the back of my thigh.
I feel under my leg...
it is indeed very wet.
But there is some "texture" to it, also.

My brain starts to come out of the sleepy haze and I remember a sound I heard in the middle of the night.
The sound of a cat... puking.
Apparently puking in the recliner.



Butterball said...

That is... disgusting. Like, vomit-in-the-mouth gross. I suppose you just had to sit there and let the little one finish as you wallowed in the nastiness?

The Sieberts said...

nasty! maybe she ate some of the crockpot leftovers? hehe ;)

Jennifer said...

Love it! Laughing so hard - thought I might pee my pants. I have only had the pleasure of stepping in cat puke.