Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As Sophie was getting ready to leave for school this morning, she looked around the living room, then looked at me and said,

"Could you maybe do some cleaning or something today?"


fyi... She has been very into cleaning her room lately... making her bed... arranging stuffed animals on her bed, etc. But... she still uses the method of pushing anything she doesn't know what to do with out in the hall. So her room looks nice. The hallway... not so much.

I need a hallway.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Hahaha!! Hilarious.

Sheesh mom. What do you DO all day, anyway?!

rentz said...

Yes, that is funny. Silly girl.

Melissa Jensen said...

How cute and funny!! Did daddy put her up to saying that...just kidding!!
Have a GREAT start back this Thursday!! I will be praying for you in the morning!

Courtney said...

i need a hallway, too!

Anonymous said...

sophie sounds like me when i was little manyyyyyyy yrs ago!!

linda W

Beth said...

I need a hallway too, or maybe several :)