Sunday, December 20, 2009

my gift.

Love it.
Love him.
Love that we can be together now while I am editing pictures and blogging.

I'll really love it when I start working on my 2009 blog book.
It should take me about 20 hours.
20 hours I usually spend back in the computer nook. Alone.

And just to clarify... the reason that he gave it to me early is because someone from the "Geek Squad" came yesterday. It wasn't because we got in a fight. :)


sarajane phillips said...

hey amy, so glad to hear you got a mac. We got a mac about a year let me know when you figure everything out so you can teach me! HA

Courtney said...

so FUN!!! did you have a virus on your other computer or something?? i'm sitting on my couch, too!!! SO much nicer!