Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas day.

Santa's gifts were a BIG hit! They actually played with the Lego table and Barbie house for about 30 minutes before even asking to open anything else!

"I never even thought about asking for a Barbie house!"

Santa (aka: Daddy) built a really awesome table!

Getchie (her new nickname from Lawson... he calls her Getchie Elasky Jones. Who knows??) stayed awake for a few presents before crashing in her bouncy seat.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

Happy first Christmas, Baby Getchie!

Grandma and Grandpa came down in the afternoon.

More fun presents! Lawson LOVES his remote control car! Sophie's cheeks have been permanently pink from her new makeup kit! :)

Grandpa and Lawson did lots of building together!

The kids even talked Grandpa into pulling them in the sled for awhile before they left. (They didn't last long because it was so, so cold!)

Such a fun, fun day!


Jennifer said...

Love Lawson's expressions - that is definately a reminder of how Konley was with his presents - miss seeing that face. Gretchen is cuter every time I see her!! I loved your Christmas letter - cute little story.

Momma H said...

Your Christmas pictures are fantastic! Such a neat family.