Monday, December 14, 2009

getting ready.

Lawson was so excited to put up the Christmas tree.
He was so fun to go through the ornaments with... so enthusiastic and excited about all of "his" ornaments or ones that he has made. That's one of my favorite things about him... his enthusiasm.

This little miss just sat and watched everything.

Poor baby Gretchen only has one ornament. This sparkly candycane striped letter G. I found them several weeks before she was born and bought them when Sophie was with me. She saw me get the S and the L and I snuck the G into my basket. She saw it later though and said, "Why are you getting a letter G? Does the baby's name start with a letter G? Is it Gigi?"
Wonderful mommy that I am... I lied to her. "No. This ones for Grandma."
But she's getting smarter... "Then why are you getting a letter G? Grandma's name is Janie."
"Because it's from you and Lawson and you call her Grandma." (Pretty quick thinking, I thought!)

I need to take down all our pictures from Christmas 2008. I have a scrapbook of Family and Friends that I always put the Christmas card pictures in. I planned on doing it around February, but it just never happened. I liked walking down the stairs and seeing this...

Anxious to see all the new pictures for 2009!

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