Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I didn't think it was possible... but in the past two days, this little miss has gotten even cuter.

She's so alert and active and smiley.
It's impossible to keep her covered up... her little legs just kick and kick.

She coos and talks and smiles so much.
And when she smiles... her eyes sparkle and shine.

She had her first shots yesterday. So sad.
She lay there on the table, smiling and talking and staring at me with the brightest eyes.
Then they did the shots.
I swear I have never heard such sad crying. Ever.
She has never cried quite like that before.

She was fussy and unhappy all evening. So not like her.
Good thing we don't mind holding and snuggling her for hours at a time.


Unknown said...

She is so beautiful Amy! You are very blessed!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

She is getting yummier by the day.

Christina said...

Look at her gorgeous face, and skin! She is just too precious. I don't know how you stand it!

The Sieberts said...

Marin was a wreck after her shots last week too. I felt so bad for her and wanted to cry myself! Good thing that Motrin knocked her out ;)

Courtney said...

those CHEEKS!!!!