Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween parade.

Our school did a Halloween parade for the first time this year.
It was fun to go and watch... see all the craziness of Halloween... and then get to leave! :)

This is my class... (the ones sitting on the floor)

Sophie's class... (see that blonde pigtail in there?)

Sophie wanted to wear her Dorothy costume to school... but refused to wear the red sparkly shoes. I decided to pick my battles and let it go. (Even though the red sparkly shoes are kind of the whole point of a Dorothy costume!!)

One of our 5th grade teachers... she was a snake wrangler.
(But look at her... still being responsible and wearing her id badge!)

I had never seen a Whoopie cushion costume before...

My mom came down to stay with Gretchen so that Lawson and I could go watch the parade (and then I took him to pre-school for his Halloween parade!) I am so anxious to take her to school and show her off to everyone, but I am a little nervous about all the germs. They are still sending lots of kids home sick everyday. Stupid flu.

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