Thursday, November 26, 2009


30 things I am thankful for this year... (because I couldn't keep up with changing my Facebook status everyday)

1. Corey... so, so good to me.
2. Sophie... so much like her daddy (this can be bad...).
3. Lawson... my favorite little man.
4. Gretchen... the baby God knew we needed.
5. Family... those who are close and those who are far away.
6. Friends... who are almost the same as family.
7. Jody... who has been an amazing help since Gretchen was born.
8. Danielle... for driving Sophie to ballet for the past several weeks.
9. Neighbors... that we can talk to for hours in the middle of the street.
10. concealor... to hide these dark circles under my eyes.
11. easy hair... that I only have to wash/style every 3 days or so.
12. my InStyler... the reason my hair has become so easy.
13. my Jesus... because he's the reason my life means anything.
14. our church... for teaching our kids about Jesus.
15. praise and worship time at church... makes my heart happy.
16. secure jobs... many are not so lucky.
17. health insurance... so we did not have to pay the full $8000 for Miss Gretchen.
18. Jessi... who loves our kids when we are not with them.
19. our van... so much room for people and packing.
20. the DVD player in the van... it can make the drive so quiet.
21. DVR... seriously love this thing.
22. our house... warm, cozy and colorful.
23. Diet Dr. Pepper... caffiene to get me through the day.
24. Sonic... my favorite place to get Diet DP and cranberry limeades.
25. Sonic Happy Hour... although I am usually working during this time.
26. clean water...
27. blogs... love reading them. love recording moments for my family.
28. blog friends... who are friends, even though we've never met.
29. my camera... and all the moments it has captured.
30. maternity leave... that has allowed me to spend the past 6 weeks at home, loving on my baby.

So much more that I could write.
I am blessed.
Very blessed.
And very thankful.


Courtney said...

ok. talk to me more about the instyler. i seriously need something. my hair is naturally curly. not super curly. wavy. and i straighten it. but it never looks good.

what does the instyler do??

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Amy and your sweet family! And a great neighbor to my daughter and son in law.

In Christian Love and Friendship,

linda w