Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have ordered this calendar from More Organized Mom for the past few years.
Love it.

It hangs on our refrigerator... has one week at a time displayed... sections for Things To Remember, To Go, To Do and To Eat. I don't use the To Eat section like I should... planning meals is not my strong point. (Enjoying this little break from planning meals while Corey is in charge of cooking!)

Anyway... the MOM company has decided to close so I cannot purchase a 2010 calendar from them. Very sad. Looking for something new. I want it to be on the fridge... I want lots of room to write... I like that it has the To-Do section included (I'm big on To-Do lists)... and I want something permanent (not dry-erase).

Anyone have a family calendar that you love?


Momma H said...

Check out the calendar on It is large - a whole month with big write in spaces,and a bunch of stickers for things we do. It might be one you can use.

Holly said...


lots of free printables there

Frau said...

Hanging at our house right now is a "Family Organizer" that is nice and big and has color-coded places for 5 different family members. Very cute artwork and lots of space to write. Dallas's mom got it for me...not sure where. "Avalon calendars" is on the back. oh...almost forgot the best part - it's a 16 month calendar so I don't have to get a new one in January! Happy Calendar hunting!