Friday, November 20, 2009

one month.

I really cannot believe it has been one month since this little one joined our family.
Cannot imagine life without her now.
So in love with this little face...

We sent these out a couple weeks ago. Tried to save money by only ordering half of what I originally planned. So if you didn't get one, it's probably because I figured you could see it here.
(Thanks Courtney and Cassie for helping me decide on a picture!)


Courtney said...

that turned out SO cute!!!

Melissa Jensen said...

She is just so precious!!

The Sieberts said...

good idea! i just followed your advice and posted my card on my blog too :)

meg duerksen said...

i thought of you and baby gretchen today when i was leaving walmart at about the same time a month ago.
what a lovely day that was.
one whole month already? crazy.

she's a keeper.

Cassie said...