Thursday, November 12, 2009

first gift.

That's all it takes.
$10 to make a difference in the lives of children like this...

$10 will give these kids the opportunity to stop drinking water like this...

and instead, drink water like this...

$10 will provide clean, safe drinking water for one person in Africa for 10 years.
One child, one mother, one father, one brother.
One person.
One person who is deeply loved by God.
My $10 can give life to that one person.

4500 children die every day due to contaminated water.
That's not okay.
But the exciting thing is... there is something we can do about it. Something easy. Something that won't even make a difference in our day today. Something as easy as $10.

I will buy a lot of gifts this Christmas. But no gift I buy will be as important as this one. No other gift I spend money on will give life to the recipient. This one will.

Visit here and click on the yellow donate button. 100% of your donation will go to providing clean, safe water for families in West Africa. Let water be the first gift you buy this Christmas. The most important gift.

This is our opportunity as American mothers and fathers... we can unite from wherever we are…we can use our voices to say that we do “see,” that our own children are not the only ones dearly loved by God.

Go donate.
Go change someone's life today.

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Anonymous said...

blogged about it! Im hoping they have floods of donations this year!!