Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy heart.

I dropped my baby off at daycare for the first time this morning.
Just for a few hours.
I go back to school in 8 days, (so not ready!) and Jessi wanted to have Gretchen come a couple times before she starts full-time.
Not too hard this morning, but I'm pretty sure next Thursday will be.
I know she's in good hands and she has her big brother there with her.

But it made my heart so happy to get this text a minute ago:

Omg, im in love w gretchen!

My kids have always gone to daycare (during the school year, anyway) and I have always found comfort in this quote, "It is never a bad thing for a child to have someone else who loves them."

I know that my kids are safe.
I know that they are happy.
I know that they are having fun when they aren't with me.
But most importantly... I know that they are loved.

Thanks, Jessi.
We love you!


Grandma L said...

What a wonderful text to get. Makes Grandma happy to have her in a loving daycare.

Jessi said...

OMG Amy, you made me cry! Thank you for being such a great daycare mom...and friend! I treasure your friendship and love your kids just as much. I'm looking forward to having Gretchen everyday. I couldn't of asked for a sweeter baby!