Saturday, October 31, 2009

keeping it real.

So my little miss who was sleeping so well at night... isn't doing so well anymore.
The first 8 days she went down for the night around 10:00. I would get up around 1:00 and 4:00, then she would sleep until after 7:00. It was great.

Then, for some reason, on day 8, she didn't settle down and fall into a deep sleep until 1:00 am. Not so fun. She was tired, closing her eyes, falling asleep, but so, so restless. She would sleep for a bit, then start fussing and wrestling around. Day 9 was pretty much the same, except Grandma came to spend the night and kept her downstairs with her. Good nights sleep for mommy!

Last night was her worst night yet. No crying, really, just so restless and moving all around. Wanting to sleep, but not able to for some reason. Tummy? Formula? We don't know. Her 2 week doctors appointment is Tuesday, I'm hoping he will have some ideas.

So mommy didn't get much sleep last night. Our arrangment is that I get up with the baby at night and Corey does all the cooking. Works for me. But last night, he offered to help. (Sweet guy, huh?) The two of them slept together on the couch until 11:00, I fed her and put her down around 11:45. She got all restless again about 12:30. Then Corey rocked her until around 2:00, maybe? (But he was in a recliner, so don't feel too bad for him.) I was up with her starting at 3:00... rocking, feeding, patting, swaddling. Around 5:00 I asked Corey to do a bottle. He said he would... but then he rolled over and went back to sleep. And when I got up, he rolled in the other direction, grabbed my pillow and went back to sleep again. So my turn again. Which lasted for quite awhile... feeding, rocking, patting, swaddling. Up and down, up and down.

He did offer to get up with her (and Lawson... who crawled in bed with us about 7:00 and was laying on our pillows above our heads) when she woke up around 7:45. Sophie was up before too long (because Lawson was playing with the light switches downstairs and turned on the upstairs hallway light so that it was shining right in her bedroom).

Mommy did get to sleep for another hour after this, but between the kids coming and crawling on me a few times and Lawson making laps around the house, riding his stick horse and wearing his cowboy boots (did I mention our house is all hardwood floors downstairs?), it wasn't a very restful sleep. I got up when I heard Corey start cussing at the dog. He was trying hard to get a little girl to fall back asleep and was searching for her pacifier (the only pacifier we have). Guess who had it??

So I come downstairs, he gives me the baby (who promptly snuggled up and fell asleep on my shoulder... which was a nice mommy moment for me, frustrating for daddy!) while he starts boiling water to sanitize the pacifier. (Pacis have been added to our Wal-mart list, by the way.)

I then gave him the snuggly, sleeping baby to go lay on his chest and take a nap on the couch. Bundled up the other two in hats and coats and forced them outside to jump on the trampoline for awhile. Then let them inside, but sent Sophie to her room to play (not a punishment... she could play up there for hours by herself) and got Lawson settled at the dining room table with Legos. Quiet.

Corey has said a few times that with all the sickness right now, swine flu, etc., this was pretty much the worst time we could have had a baby. I agreed for awhile, but have changed my mind. I think summer would have been the worst time. Everyone would be home... no school, no pre-school, no daycare a few days a week, no ballet, no Awanas = Mommy would be losing her mind.

Love these kids to pieces. All 3 of them. But the bigger two are rapidly going back and forth between being super sweet and helpful and really whiny and annoying... playing nicely together and getting along great or fighting, pinching and hitting... quietly entertaining themselves with blocks or books or something quiet or running around the house chasing each other, singing and hollering.

Mommy may still lose her mind.


Janet said...

hang in there little are doing a great job.

Mom said...

You may go with the "freaking tired" announcement after all.
Sorry I skipped out on you.

Christina said...

Ugh, this sounds like my house! I'm so sorry about the sleeping issues. My littlest one did the same thing; we hardly knew she was around for the first two weeks and then all of a sudden she started fussing and it seemed related to her eating. Who knows? You just try to get through one minute at a time sometimes! I hope you get your rest when you can and that everyone stays healthy!!

amy d said...

oh my, i had no idea of the rollercoaster going on next door. :)
hope the extra hour helps out on the craziness. and marley with the paci..sorry, but funny!

Courtney said...

hang in gets a teeny bit better

doesn't seem like it, but when you look back, you see it!

looks like you're doing a gREAT job enjoying all the snuggles from that sweet newborn!