Monday, October 12, 2009


It's starting to hit our school.
The classroom next door to me has 23 students.
They started out today with 15.
By lunch, they were down to 10.

I only had 2 gone today.
Think they'd all like wearing masks and gloves tomorrow?


Courtney said...

yikes! YOU stay healthy!!!

amy said...

elly had 8 of 24 gone yesterday. today, she is home with a fever of 102 degrees... she is even on an antibiotic for an ear infection she had 10 days ago (today is the last day of the antibiotic). we were waiting on her to be done with the antibiotic so we could all go get the flu mist.
hope you & your little ones stay well! :)

meg duerksen said...

that baby counter say FIVE days to go!!!
are you ready?
have you and cory been practicing lamaze breathing every night....does he have all your pillows adn your focal point? :)

so excited for you amy!!!

my kids are sick.
sean was and now annie and talby are. ewwwww.