Saturday, October 17, 2009

pumpkin patch.

We took our first graders on our annual trip to my favorite pumpkin patch last week! How many field trips do you go on where they greet you with a hug when you get off the bus? Ms. Becky is honestly one of the sweetest ladies!

Since I was a week and a half away from my due date, I didn't feel comfortable leading this trip on my own. So I had Karla, my long term sub, come along with us. I also passed on the bus ride and rode in my friend's van. I figured the bumpy tractor ride and all the walking would be enough for one day.

So fun to be there with Sophie! (Check out her friend Jamilid in the glasses... how cute is she?!)

And how cute are these girls?!

My crew. Love these kiddos, but I'm ready to hand them over to Karla for a few weeks! :)

I passed on the jumping pillow this year and let Jody and Christie be the fun adults!

I skipped the underground slide this year, too.

Beautiful day and so much fun!
Lawson's pre-school class is going the day after the baby is due. Since I obviously won't be going on that field trip this year... Daddy gets to go! :)


Christina said...

All these posts are so sweet!
I can't believe you didn't get on that jumping pillow (is that a different word, or two, for a trampoline?!) could have bounced that baby right on out!
It looks like you are making the most out of these last days before your family officially grows by one! :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh how FUN!! I went on that trip with Jess one year and loved it.

No jumping for you, huh? Wimp. ;-)