Sunday, October 11, 2009


School got out at 1:00 on Friday. (For the kids, anyway.)
It was Corey's last Friday off... he goes back to 8 hour days/5 days a week starting Monday.
So while Mommy sat in a super-fun meeting... Daddy took these two to the zoo!

I think Lawson called these "ring-stays!"

And... "the rainbow birds."

So much fun with Daddy!


Amanda said...

Is the 5 8hour days a permanent change? Dave made this switch from 4 10's to 5 8's last year maybe. At first I thought I was not going to like it at all, I thought I'd miss those Friday he was home. BUT, this is sooo much better having him home so much earlier each day. I don't think TWICE about those Fridays anymore! Our days are much better with Daddy home earlier!

Amy said...

Amanda... they have 2 different schedules for half of the year. This is their "winter schedule." Around March or April, he'll switch back to 10 hour days/4 days a week. We get the best of both worlds! :)