Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mother of the year.

In case any of you had the crazy idea that I might still be in the running for such an award...
the following story should squelch those thoughts:

Every night before we go to bed, we pick a sound asleep Sophie up out of bed and take her to the bathroom. She never really wakes up, but sometimes she is just dead on her feet and can hardly sit up on the potty, much less stand. The other night was such a night. I'm sitting on the little stepstool in the bathroom, trying to keep her standing on her feet long enough to zip up her footy jammies... I let go for too long, she had no sense of balance, fell right over and smacked her face on the window sill. (You're wincing right now, aren't you?)

She woke up pretty quick after that.
Luckily, Lawson is a pretty sound sleeper, he never heard her yells and cries (which were understandable... I would probably be yelling, too, if I had fallen and smacked my face on a windowsill). Corey is a pretty sound sleeper, too. I could hear him snoring on the couch downstairs the whole time this was going on. I was feeling a horrible mix of guilt, sympathy, more guilt, humor (you just have to laugh about this stuff sometimes) and a little bit of annoyance... it was midnight, and the crying was going on just a little too long. (see why I'm not qualified for this award? I just gave my daughter a fat lip and I'm feeling annoyed with her!)

Finally got her back to sleep.
I kept telling her that going to sleep would make her hurtie lip feel better.
She called me on that in the morning. "You said my lip would feel better after I went to sleep! It doesn't feel better!"
The puffiness didn't last too long and the hurtie-ness only came up a few times while we were brushing teeth.

Even better... she doesn't remember how it happened.
And I'm not going to tell her. :)


Anonymous said...

The poor little girl.
Mother of the year is an unatainable goal for most moms !
I was never in the running for it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry spelling is not my strong suit =(