Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I was in such a groove with our online banking stuff.
I could log in, check the balances, transfer money... all so quick and easy.

Now they've changed it.
Probably more secure. Or more features. Or something that should impress me.
I'm just confused.
Lots more numbers, descriptions, choices, dates.
It made my eyes fuzzy. (I could just be tired. That's always a possibility.)

I had to make up a new userid. Had to be a certain number of letters, at least 1 number, and at least 1 "special character." (But not @ " { or ] ) Same with the password.

And the security questions?
*Father's middle name? Easy.
*What is the name of your oldest neice? Still easy.
*What was your paternal grandfather's nickname? I was having to think too hard about what paternal meant and whether or not he had a nickname... so I clicked on the button that gave me different options.

*What was the last name of your favorite teacher in your final year of high school?
*What was the name of the street that your best friend in high school lived on?
*What was the name of your favorite restuarant in college?
*What city is your vacation home in? (Did I miss that box on the enrollment form? Yes. I would like a vacation home.)
*What was the first name of the best man at your wedding?
*In what city was your father/mother born?

I remember our best man... the rest of these I was a little fuzzy on.
I'm all for online security, but wow.

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meg duerksen said...

those are so funny.
craig does all the bills...this makes me nervous if i ever have to take over??
i don't know which vacation home to list.
ha ha
thanks alot for those snow day prayers....want to come over here and watch my 5? ugh.
i dread the phone call at 5:40.