Saturday, February 9, 2008

mr. lee

A few weeks ago, we said good-bye to one of our very best friends... Mr. Lee.

He's over in Iraq now... serving our country by doctoring up soldiers.

The night of his going away party, we told the kids that Mr. Lee would be going on a trip and would be gone for a long time. We said that he wouldn't be back until it was summer... when mommy doesn't have to go to school and gets to stay home all day with them.

On Wednesday (snow day) when Sophie woke up I said, "Guess what?! Mommy doesn't have to go to school today! I get to stay home with you and Lawson all day!" The first thing she said... "Is Mr. Lee home from his trip?"

We all miss you! Our family has made so many fun memories that include you!

(shooting water balloons at the neighbors)

Remember this ride?!

(annual pumpkin carving parties!)

(The Wiggles!)

(Look how little!)

Luke and Sophie... so little!

We all love you and miss you... we'll see you in 90 days!

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Anonymous said...

I dont even know Mr. Lee and I was tearing up...what a HUGE sacrifice PLUS he just looks like a really good, nice, kind man. We will pray for this mans safe return!!!