Sunday, February 10, 2008

hannah montana.

Sophie has officially been introduced to Hannah Montana.

She went to a Hannah Montana birthday party yesterday and came home with the following:
* a t-shirt
* fluffy boa
* make-up compact (there were middle school girls at the party that put make-up on all the little girls and put sparkles in their hair!)
* a sparkly picture frame (that she decorated with jewels) with a picture of all the party girls
* an inflatable microphone
* a cd of Hannah Montana songs
* a helium balloon

She had a special request to have this outfit washed so that she could wear it to Jessi's tomorrow... and dress like Hannah Montana.

And she now knows the chorus to at least one song.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh your little angel has entering in the hannah montana My girls REALLY Like her alot and so far I can see nothing wrong with her as a singer or role model. She seems like a good kid.