Saturday, July 23, 2011

spaghetti eis.

We got to spend time with some of our favorite friends last weekend. We always have so much fun with Meagan and Dallas and their girls. Sophie and Maren have become pen pals this summer! (Although their mommies may not always be so good about getting the letters in the mail...) My kids love Dallas (I think because he's just kind of like a big kid himself. =) I'm pretty sure that's why his 4th graders love him so much.) 

We started with some swimming and playing outside...  (Magda thought she was pretty hot stuff being able to touch in the pool!) 

But this was the real excitement of the evening. This is what Meagan and I have talked about doing together for a year now. We both had it on our summer lists and I couldn't wait to get it crossed off! Spaghetti Eis!! Meagan and I first had Spaghetti Eis when we traveled to Germany after our senior year of high school. You could say it was love at first bite. Meagan was smart enough to buy this nifty little contraption when we were there, so she has been able to make Spaghetti Eis at home for years. (Dallas even makes it for his 4th graders!)

You can actually order these off of Amazon. It's called a potato ricer. But we don't use potatoes. We use ice cream...

Add some strawberries for the sauce... some shaved white chocolate for parmesan cheese... a Ferrero Rocher for a meatball... (and chocolate sprinkles if you're just a nice mommy who thinks your kids will like them...)

And you have Spaghetti Eis! (Meagan says it all fun and German with a Sch sound at the beginning. My German has been long forgotten. Sad.) Look how fun it is!! Way more fun than just eating regular vanilla ice cream with strawberries!

And look! Someone finally decided that she likes chocolate! She had it everywhere!! 

It was a pretty big hit with this crew! (How cute are they? All jammied up and watching a movie together.)

Then hugs before they drive home...

Thanks again, Meagan and Dallas for making the drive down here! We had so much fun!! 
I think Meagan said it best in an email she sent me the next day...  
"There's just something about being around someone who you've known forever! Our get-togethers are always good for my soul."

You guys are good for my soul, too. 
So you can't ever move away, okay? 
For real.  


Allen and Debby Graber said...

What a great idea!!

Jenny said...

The speghetti eis was so cute!! I bet it was yummy too!!

Holly said...

wow. I ate that like all. the. time. when we lived in Germany!
brought back memories!!!

Danielle said...

We may have to invest in one of those contraptions. Looks like lots of fun and super yummy! Love the pics of the kids together. So sweet and happy.