Friday, July 15, 2011

no rain.

What a difference a year makes. 
This was our backyard in June of last year
It was crazy how much rain we were getting. 

This is that same area this year. So sad. And this is actually one of the better spots, because it's shaded.

The majority of the yard looks like this...

Brown, yellow and crunchy. So sad. I miss my bright green grass.

Funny... I just realized looking over this that we have the exact same random green chair sitting in almost the exact same spot in both pictures. I have no idea why.


Toni :O) said...

We're having to water our grass because we've had little to no rain up here in Michigan. Your picture of your yard last year was about what ours looked like just in April/May of this year. The drought is coming early this year as it is usually bad in August but rarely in July...stinks. I prefer free rain that falls from the sky!

Kristin said...

Wow, what a difference!

Amy said...

We've watered a fair amount, but there's no way we could afford what it needs. (water bills here are crazy expensive!)

Holly said...

we had a TON of rain last year and not as much this year also. Of course last spring half of Tn was under water sooooo Im okay with a little less this year! ha!

Danielle said...

You make me feel so much better about our yard. Ours so so brown and dead. It hurts my feet to walk on it. The dogs hate it. Mitch refuses to water or work on our yard since that's what he does all day. I get it. I'm glad to be in good company :)