Saturday, July 9, 2011


Sophie and Lawson had been counting down the days until their cousins arrived! (which was actually two weeks ago. I'm still trying to catch up!) Houston is just too far away, we think! It was a tad crazy at first... 9 kids under the age of 11. Actually, just the one 11 year old, the other 8 are 8 and under. And they were really excited to see each other! 

We were all excited to finally meet this little guy! (Who isn't really so little!) But he sure is sweet! 

We even got to keep this sweetie overnight. The kids were REALLY excited about that! She and Sophie are just 6 weeks apart in age and they have so much fun together. We may have spoiled her just a bit. =)

Lots of kids with lots of energy meant we needed to go somewhere...

The sprinkler park was perfect! Until it stopped working. Luckily this playground is right across from it...

And luckily we have some inside connections. Uncle Corey was going to come to our rescue, but he had to go take care of something else. Thank you, Todd, for saving the day!

The cutest was when Corey stopped by awhile later and this little miss looked at him with a sad, but stern little face and said, "But I wanted Uncle Corey to come fix the water."

Lots more cousin pictures to come!


Danielle said...

Looks like so much fun! I love seeing your mom in the background carrying the big basket of "stuff".

rentz said...

Your baby nephew is super cute! I can see the family resemblance too!

Melissa said...

Wow that looks crazy- just like it is when my kids go back to Abilene. Luckily we don't have near as far as a drive to see our cousins. Do your kids skype with their cousins? We keep talking about getting the kids set up on that. They love to call each other to talk. It's funny, I have caught Hayden laying in on his bed talking to Zach- not sure who he gets that from:)