Saturday, July 16, 2011

kiddie park.

We went on our annual trip to the Oklahoma Kiddie Park last week. We have been there three times now. Before Gretchen, without Gretchen (she stayed with Grandma) and now with Gretchen! The kids were so excited and had been counting down the days! It is such a perfect little trip for our family. The drive is easy and it is so much fun for the kids! (Plus we really love my aunt and uncle!) 

I never got a picture of them together this year, so this is from last year! 

My aunt and uncle had 4 of their grandkids staying with them the days that we were there, so we got to spend some fun time reconnecting with cousins we don't see very much. They set off to do some exploring behind Aunt Aletha and Uncle Pete's house before we went to Kiddie Park... 

A bear, a cat and a deer. But only 1 of them is real. =)

Sam and Cameron...

How fun to live in town, but have this right outside your back door?! It's like the best of both worlds!

Sophie and Lawson made fast friends with Allie and Abby! These girls were so sweet to go on all the rides with them!

Gretchen loved the horse on the carousel! She kept leaning way forward trying to see it's face and pet it. She was so excited!

But then the ride started and the horse started going up and down. She wasn't crazy about that. She lasted about halfway around and then was crying. She spent the rest of the ride here...

We decided to see if Gretchie would be a fan of the little trucks...

She loved them! How sweet is that little wave?!

We went on it again immediately after the first time because she was so upset to have to get off!

Allie was such a huge help with Gretchen during our visit!! Gretchen can take quite awhile to warm up to people, but she took to Allie right away.

A certain little miss didn't sleep too well in the hotel that night. She was so, so tired, but she sat in her crib and talked and chattered away. No crying... just talking and fussing off and on. Finally put her in bed with us around 1 am and she fell asleep on me instantly. It was a bit of a short night for Mommy and Daddy. 

But we still had lots of fun coming on Day 2... 

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Danielle said...

It's so much fun to see pics of you!!! I really love the photo of Gretchie on the carousel horse with you. Looks like lots and lots of fun.