Tuesday, July 6, 2010

painting bread.

Thank you, Jill, for this fun idea! (She is always doing fun, creative things with her two girls!) 

My kids thought I was a little crazy when I told them we were going to paint bread.
And you should have seen their faces when I told them we would eat it for lunch, too! 

A little milk with food coloring... 

Some bread... (Jill used fun cookie cutters. I just used my new favorite bread... these little flat circles that I get at Dollar Tree! Love them toasted with peanut butter!) 

Sophie's before toasting... (putting them in the toaster makes the colors brighter, plus Sophie didn't like the idea of soggy bread. It wasn't soggy at all, but she just wasn't convinced I knew what I was talking about. Imagine that.)

Lawson painted the Earth. :)   I gave them each a little spoon and some peanut butter to spread. 
Then we mixed the leftover milk to make new colors and drink! 

Corey thought the whole idea was a little gross... but the kids loved it. 
It was fun and easy! Two of my favorite things! 
Thanks again, Jill!  


amy d said...

i'm sorry, but i'm with corey...ICK!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh I've done these before!!

It's cool how they come out so much brighter from the toaster. My kids loved it.

I should do it again soon. It's been probably 2 years or so...

Unknown said...

Love it! I totally remember in kindergarten making monster toast,lol...pretty sure it was similar to this. I am definately going to have to do this with my kids.